Role of BID Steering Group member

Who you are

  • A business owner, manager or other significant individual from the BID area who has a real passion for your town and its success
  • Active advocate for change in the BID area
  • Likely to have an emotional as well as a financial investment or business role in the BID area
  • Excellent local knowledge about how to promote to your business community, you will know the right people to talk to, the right groups to attend and you can give direct access to the business community
  • Honest and veracious champion of the cause


What you do

  • Represent your business sector’s interests over-and-above your own.
  • Work as part of the team and communicate to other businesses in line with the Steering Group’s views and interests.
  • Commit yourself to ensuring the BID is developed into a vehicle for positive change.
  • Support the ultimate success of the BID.
  • Identify key resistors of change.
  • Identify and eliminate obstacles that may threaten a BID’s viability within the BID area.
  • Promote the BID in a way and manner that people trust.
  • Be prepared to stand up and speak at BID events or be quoted in public.
  • Identify issues on the ground and raise them quickly to members of the Development Team.
  • Gather feedback on the communications campaign and provide advice to the Development team.
  • Work with the BID Development Team to ensure the vision for the project is successfully translated into the business plan that addresses the business community’s needs.
  • Identify potential BID Champions and support them in their commitment to the BID.

Your responsibilities


  • Part of the Group which acts as the ‘BID Proposer’
  • Ensure that there is a robust development process
  • Contribute to a BID Proposal and Business Plan which is: compliant, reflects the business needs and opportunities and interfaces with over-arching strategies


  • Participates in a constructive dialogue with local authority, police and other agencies
  • Seeks to gain maximum business engagement and support

Proposal and Business Plan

  • Contributes to and accepts the key decisions taken by the Group which relate to:
  • BID Boundary
  • Levy amount
  • Levy Criteria – who pays
  • Key vision, objectives and activities

Your qualities

  • Qualifications and an aptitude to understand all elements of the BID project.
  • Ability to motivate and inspire business owners to buy in and become engaged in the BID process and the ultimate success of the BID.
  • Good all-round communications skills and can keep all BID stakeholders aware and engaged.
  • Diplomacy to negotiate with others to ensure success.